Ken Jacobs – Lincoln Park Public Schools, Southeast Michigan

Over the last 7 years, I have worked with Delta on several system installations. Projects have included Extreme Networks switch setup across the entire Lincoln Park School District, an HPE Aruba Wireless Network with an access point in every classroom, a Samsung security camera system running on an exaqVision server, and installation and setup of our Dell datacenter and SAN.

The number of projects I’ve entrusted to Delta goes to show that their prices are outstanding and support is second to none. They have often worked within the strict deadlines that grants and other funding requirements tend to have. It’s rare for a company to have such extensive knowledge on the systems and the ability to provide support rapidly, while still maintaining that small company feel.

Everyone from the Delta team takes a personal interest in their projects – and I’ve seen everyone from the company’s owners, down to the technical engineers put in the after-hours support willingly and with enthusiasm. I appreciate knowing the team members by name and the dedication they show to my systems even after the install.

I fully endorse Delta Network Services and look forward to working on future projects with them.


Ken Jacobs
Director of Technology
Lincoln Park Public Schools, Southeast Michigan
Products: Extreme Networks Switches, HPE Aruba Wireless, Samsung