Assessments & Design Services

Delta believes that any successful implementation is contingent on a full understanding of the existing IT environment and a well thought design to achieve the desired objectives. These concepts are the foundation upon which all other aspects of a project are built.

Delta provides IT assessment surveys as part of our standard project deployment methodology. Assessment service tasks vary by project type, but typically include things like:

  • Physical closet inspections for power, rack space, fiber type, and connections
  • Creation or verification of existing network topology drawings
  • Review of security posture for access to network level devices
  • Network management tools in place and their use
  • LAN configuration review for vlans, tagging, routing, redundancy, loop prevention, etc
  • Review of WLAN architecture, SSID usage, policy, guest access configuration, .1x environment
  • DHCP, DNS, RADIUS, AD structure review
  • Software/firmware levels and versions
  • Understanding key business application to be supported and how users access them
  • Network security review and use of firewall policy, IDS/IPS, AV, and content filtering
  • Voice configuration review, station reviews, calling tree configuration, 911 compliance

We offer these services as a part of a solution deployment, or as a standalone fee-based engagement.

With assessment data in hand, Delta strives to provide our customers with uncompromised solution designs to their network requirements. Normally these requirements go beyond the technology. We will work with you to understand all of your requirements before incorporating the weighted importance you place on concerns like budget, functionality, reliability, redundancy, timelines, and operational support.

All of our solutions are based on best-in-class, standards-based technologies and are in conformance with industry best practices. In working with Delta you can have confidence that our solutions will perform, scale, and interoperate seamlessly with your existing IT infrastructure and business applications.