Staging and “Knowledge Transfer”


Whether your solution is premised-based or a cloud-based managed service, there will typically be physical devices to be deployed onsite. These would include things like access points, network switches, IP phones, and so forth.

Prior to introducing any equipment or services into a production network, Delta validates the design and configuration in the Delta Staging Facility in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. During the staging phase, Delta will completely build and provide validation of the system functionality before deployment. The goal is to reduce onsite deployment time, reduce or eliminate surprises, and be as least disruptive as possible to our customers’ business environment.

Typical tasks included in our staging process include:

  • Unboxing, DOA testing, module insertion, application of asset tags
  • Burn-in, firmware upgrades
  • Configuration, interconnection, thorough testing, labeling, and shipment preparation

During this staging process, we always invite our customers to our facility to participate. This provides a valuable opportunity for knowledge transfer.

When working side-by-side with Delta engineers and technicians as we build the network (physically or virtually), you will:

  • Understand the logical and physical topology of your network
  • Learn how to implement typical configuration changes
  • Master web and CLI navigation
  • Become proficient in monitoring, management & reporting tasks
  • Obtain troubleshooting skills
  • Perform routine maintenance tasks

Staging participation gives our customers an opportunity to become knowledgeable and comfortable with the solution before it is deployed. This is a complimentary offering on all Delta projects.