Support Contracts

Support Contracts

Post sales support is perhaps the most significant differentiator that Delta has to offer our customers. Anyone can provide product and most can do a reasonably adequate job of a basic deployment. The real test of an organization’s competency and commitment is revealed in how they support the solution and the customer after the sale. This is where trust is established, relationships are built, and Delta really shines.

We offer service contracts on all network hardware and software solutions in our portfolio, regardless of whether or not you actually purchased it from us.

At the very entry level, we offer manufacturer pass through services in various iterations. Manufacturer pass through services, as the name implies, are services actually delivered by the hardware or software manufacturer. It is this level of service that our box-based competitors offer because they don’t staff the quantity or depth of technical resources in-house to provide direct services.

In addition to the above, we offer Delta-branded, Delta-delivered support contracts for those customers requiring immediate support, with optional onsite guarantees and quicker turnarounds on hardware replacement. We have the flexibility to craft a support agreement for virtually any requirement.

All Delta-branded support offerings include:

  • Michigan-based engineers providing phone support and performing all Level I and Level II troubleshooting functions, while acting as your liaison to the manufacturer TAC engineers for Level III escalated calls.
  • A pool of highly skilled engineers that are much more likely to know your network and the interaction of products that comprise your network. In most cases, the engineer providing your post sales support was either a part of – or the lead engineer – in deploying your network solution if you bought the system from us. By being intimately familiar with your network we spend less time determining what your network looks like and more time determining what is wrong, leading to quicker fault resolution.