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Identify, connect and protect mobile and IOT at the edge.

The sheer number of IoT devices connecting to enterprise networks creates challenges for IT as they balance the benefits of smart buildings with the risk of onboarding lots of unknown devices to their environment, without having the right set of tools to automatically identify, profile, authenticate, and apply policies to those devices.

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Network Architecture Matters in a Mobile-First World

Where, when and how people work has changed dramatically, with more upheaval to come.

That means IT and network professionals need to pay close attention to their options for network architecture in an era where enterprise mobility and digital workplaces now are the rule, rather than the exception.

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Aruba - a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company

Hackers are infiltrating your business. They are exploiting IoT, mobility and complacency to breach your enterprise.

Aruba ClearPass brings visibility, control and security response to the anywhere, anytime, any-device enterprise.

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Encryption is now a Trojan Horse: Ignore it at your peril

No sooner do organizations start to feel secure with the latest encryption standards than cyber criminals find ways to violate that security. Black hats are infiltrating company networks by abusing encryption to shield their application-embedded malware and ransomware from detection.

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Fabric Connect: The Quiet Revolution

With Fabric Connect, Extreme Networks is redefining the delivery of communications solutions to match the expectations of businesses operating in the digital age. Long wait times and design constraints can be things of the past; Extreme leverages simplicity to create agility.

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Forticlient Chromebook Building a Safer Web for Every Student

Schools continue to be key targets of cyber attacks, accounting for 27.4% of all attacks across various verticals since they possess a wealth of information including PII, research, intellectual property, and more.

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E-rate Information

Are you an educational institution for K12? If so, you may be interested in taking advantage of the federal E-rate Program. E-rate operates under the auspice of the Schools and Library Division of USAC and the FCC. The E-rate program is intended to provide funding assistance for infrastructure enhancements that enable access to broadband services. The past three years, EVERY eligible and compliant application received funding.

Some useful links include:

USAC home page: https://www.usac.org/

Schools and Library Division: https://www.usac.org/sl/
*This page has eligibility rules, forms, training and other helpful links

EPC login: https://www.usac.org/e-rate/resources/e-rate-productivity-center



REMC SAVE is a state-wide purchasing vehicle for technology in K12 and Higher ED, state and local government, and libraries. The REMC SAVE program enables participants to take advantage of previously bid state contracts at substantial volume discounts.

REMC home: http://www.remc.org/
REMC SAVE: https://www.remcsave.org/



PEPPEM is a national technology purchasing cooperative for public agencies such as K12 and Higher Ed. The project provides large volume bid prices on a variety of educational resources – saving you the time and expense of going out to bid. Every dollar saved through PEPPM is one more dollar to invest in instruction tomorrow.

Delta Network Services participates in the PEPPM contract to provide HALO Smart Sensors products at deeply discounted volume prices to eligible organizations. The PEPPM contract provides products that meet national and state bid standards, allowing members to buy without additional bidding. Take advantage of the work that Delta and PEPPM have already done for you and simplify your purchasing process.

The following agency types are eligible to participate in PEPPM:

  • Public, Non-Public, and Private Schools (K-12, Preschools)
  • Community Colleges, Colleges, and Universities
  • Public Libraries and Museums (Local, County, State)
  • State, County, and Local Government Agencies

PEPPM home: https://www.peppm.org/