All Delta-recommended solutions are IEEE-compliant and based on recognized industry standards. This results in deployments and configurations that play nice with others, ensuring maximum interoperability with existing systems and future additions to your network environment. This also provides long term investment protection and flexibility for necessary changes. We neither offer nor recommend any proprietary lock ins.

Our standards-compliance also extends to configuration, deployment and system management. Our experienced technical teams execute proven and tested methodologies, always adhering to known industry “best practices”.

And we have our own, high standards for Customer Satisfaction. We aim to make every customer not just a future reference, but hopefully a raging Delta evangelist. With our dedicated, knowledgeable and friendly staff, this is something we are proud to regularly achieve. We have maintained strong relationships with customers in verticals like Higher Education and Healthcare that have been with us since our company’s inception. However, in the K12 EDU space, districts typically go long stretches of 7 to 10 years without significant funding or additional bond passages. That’s why most of our competitors treat K12 as “one and done” and move on after an initial sale. At Delta, we have many, many districts that we’ve worked with 10 to 15 years or more, thru multiple system refreshes or technology additions. We believe that is a strong testament to our focus on long term relationships, ongoing support and customer-first attitude.