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Video Surveillance

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For K-12 schools and most enterprises, video surveillance has become a mission-critical application. Delta is a provider of complete surveillance solutions, including:

  • IP-based Cameras
  • Network Video Recorders (NVR)
  • Video Storage Arrays
  • Video Management Software (VMS)
The main benefits of deploying a video surveillance system include:
  • #1 - Video surveillance systems act as a crime deterrent. A crime is less likely to happen if would-be perpetrators know their actions are being caught on camera
  • #2 – Video surveillance systems provide strong evidence. When a crime against people or property is committed, today’s mega-pixel cameras capture images in high definition video, leading to arrests and convictions
  • #3 – Video surveillance systems increase productivity – people tend to be on their best behavior in the presence of surveillance systems

Delta partners with leading innovators in the video surveillance industry, including top brands such as Samsung Techwin for cameras and recorders, Milestone and ExacqVision for VMS software, and Dell for server/storage systems.