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Switching and Routing

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Today, maybe more so than ever, your network switching and routing infrastructure matters.

Enterprise networks are being called upon to manage risk, improve productivity, enhance the customer’s experience, increase network responsiveness and manage growth and change. Further challenged by budget limitations, security and regulatory imperatives, projects that deliver rich infrastructure capabilities, high security and flawless operations are testing network professionals like never before.

Delta is responding with solutions and services that provide secure, highly available connectivity for voice, video and data to a discerning and highly mobile user community. Because your infrastructure matters, we believe that your selection of an infrastructure Partner also matters. Working with Delta, we can help you solve your toughest networking challenges.

Delta engineers have been designing, installing and supporting switched and routed networking environments for more than twenty years. We have a great deal of experience creating and configuring networks to support their reason for existence – business applications.

Delta’s premier switching and routing technology partner is Extreme Networks. Extreme Networks is a pioneer and innovative leader in Ethernet and IP hardware and software solutions and won Network Computing’s Data Center Product of the Year award. Because of their clear focus, they are able to apply their development resources in these areas only. The result is that Extreme has produced perhaps the most scalable, manageable, extensible and elegant enterprise switching solutions available, all optimized for IP-based applications.