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Network Deployment

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Any network implementation project is a series of phases or steps. The first step is normally Design and Engineering, or the “game plan”. The next step is the Network Deployment, a broad phrase we use to describe the execution phase of the project.

Delta feels that a successful Deployment requires attention to five key elements, each of which is a routine component of our offerings:

1. Thorough Preparation. The most important aspect of implementation. Prior to any physical work being performed, Delta creates a comprehensive Scope of Work package that aligns the design and customer requirements. This benefits the implementer by clearly identifying the project objectives, provides network drawings that depict the logical and physical configuration requirements, defines the network addressing schemes and offers a step-by-step deployment plan with unambiguous verbiage. It benefits the customer by making sure everything is in agreement, from design to timelines, to expected results.

After a thorough review of the Scope with the design engineer, the Network Engineer typically proceeds to the Staging tasks. The goal of this phase is to reduce onsite installation disruptions and attempt to eliminate surprises. At this point, our engineers begin preparing the network hardware. This is typically done in the Delta staging lab, but can be done on customer premises if desired. Normal tasks associated with this stage include un-boxing, DOA power up testing, software upgrades, script development, initial configuration and burn in. Depending on the network requirements, additional configuration and proof of concept testing in this lab environment would be conducted. Upon successful completion of this portion, our engineers would proceed to physical deployment and activation at the customer site.

2. Skilled Network Engineers. All the effort put forth in creating a solid design and performing meticulous preparations are wasted if the actual implementer of your solution is unqualified. It is vitally important that the individuals assigned to implement the project have the right mix of skills – technical and interpersonal - as they relate to your project and your staff. Delta guarantees that our Network Engineers have significant experience and relevant knowledge to the project they are implementing for you. Our people are classroom trained, manufacturer certified and field tested in the products and solutions they are implementing. These qualifications are augmented by years of experience working with 3rd party products and technologies, providing many ancillary benefits to our customers.

3. A Flexible Team. Few projects are implemented exactly according to the game plan. The ability of the engineers and technicians to work around technical, business and scheduling issues is critical to keeping a project moving forward. Our staff is renowned for our ability to respond positively to changes.

4. Proof of Conformance. We always work with the customer staff to demonstrate the final solution and it’s adherence to the design objectives - to the customer’s complete satisfaction. Our work isn’t done until you are a reference account.

5. Tying the Bow. Often overlooked by less polished organizations, Delta completes all of our projects by providing the appropriate finishing touches. In conjunction with the customer, Delta performs a final walk-thru and punch down signoff. We ensure that all devices are manageable and labeled correctly. Rack spacing for ventilation is also confirmed. We verify that all cables are labeled and dressed attractively. Any agreed to documentation, including network drawings, flowcharts and backups of component configurations are delivered at this time. Basic training on system access, configuration, monitoring and management are provided. In short, we make sure that the network is functional, documented, aesthetically pleasing and in complete conformance with your specifications.