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Knowledge Transfer

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Networks are not static. Configurations are changed, users added, software updated. Traffic and applications are monitored and reports are run. Premise-based components occasionally need to be replaced. Whether you are performing these tasks yourself, or have support contracts in place for assistance, you will need some level of familiarity with the network we are deploying for you.

We understand this and it’s why Knowledge Transfer is an integral component of our project deployment methodology.

We welcome your input and invite participation throughout the project deployment lifecycle from design to installation. From our experience, we have found that customers benefit the most during the staging phase of the project. By working side by side with our engineers and technicians, in our facility, while we build the network, you will:

  • Understand the logical and physical topology of your network
  • Learn how to implement typical configuration changes
  • Master web and CLI navigation
  • Become proficient in monitoring & reporting tasks
  • Obtain troubleshooting skills
  • Perform routine maintenance tasks

Staging participation gives our customers an opportunity to become knowledgeable and comfortable with the network before it is installed onsite and is a complimentary offering on all Delta projects.