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Block Hours

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Delta offers our customers the ability to purchase technical support services at hourly rates, which we call Block Hours. This is similar to Resident Engineering services, but on a more modest investment scale.

The hours are pre-purchased, typically in blocks of 8 to 40 hours. Use of the hours is prescheduled in advance, for any time or any day, to perform any technical tasks that are in our core competencies. Hours are consumed at an accelerated rate for scheduled evening, weekend and holiday activities.

Our customers utilize Block Hour services for:

  • Performance of preventative maintenance tasks - fan and filter changing, UPS testing, etc.
  • Review and analysis - switch logs, syslog server entries, process logs, uptimes and alarms, performance testing, etc.
  • Network documentation and drawings update
  • Software upgrade planning and execution
  • Moves, Adds, Change work - adding and deleting vlans, adding VoIP users and mailboxes, creating new wireless SSID’s and authentication methods, implementing QoS, etc.
  • Technical Assistance the morning after a cutover or critical change
    Basic training of customer support staff on the basic operation, maintenance, troubleshooting and administration of newly installed or upgraded systems.
  • Anything else they feel we can be of assistance with!